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Have you ever wanted a way to tell the everyone in the world that psychiatry is used to violate human rights through unjustified involuntary commitment or involuntary drugging or how much you have been harmed by psychiatric drugs or electroconvulsive "therapy"?  By sending money for advertising not to us but directly to the newspaper or magazine where you decide to advertise, you can help us reach more people.  Some people will only see or hear your ad.  Others, after seeing or hearing your ad, will log onto this website and read hard-hitting articles that convincingly state the case against psychiatry.  In either case, you will have helped expand awareness that psychiatry is not a helping profession but a hurtful one and that psychiatric "therapy" routinely harms people, and you will have moved us a little further towards establishing human rights in the U.S.A. or in whichever country you advertise.  Our experience has shown that it is not always the most expensive ads that have most increased readership of this web site, judging from the number of hits on this website's main page counter following publication of the ads.  Larger ads in less widely distributed newspapers seem to be more effective than small ads in more widely read publications, probably because a larger ad in a less widely distributed, less expensive publication gets attention from a larger percentage of readers.  Look at the following ads and related advertising information and consider furthering our human rights and anti-health-care-quackery, anti-psychiatry cause by keeping these ads on the air or appearing in newspapers and magazines issue after issue.  NAMI and its psychiatric drug manufacturer contributors spend millions of dollars every year deceiving the public and our lawmakers about psychiatry.  It has been said: The truth will win out, but only if efforts are made to bring it to light.  It is up to us to make that effort.

If you would like to run an ad for this website other than one that appears on this page, please get approval before running the ad.  Write to antipsychiatrycoalition@usa.net or P.O. box 1253, Topeka, Kansas 66601-1253.

For 2 weeks starting about March 31, 2004 we have an advertisement on the back page of a weekly Houston, Texas newspaper, Houston Press, that says -


You can find this ad on-line by going to the newspaper's web site, www.houstonpress.com, clicking on the "Classified" and then "Back Page" links, and scrolling down the page until you find the ad, which as of March 26, 2004 is ad number 46.  The cost to run this ad twice was $142.  If you'd like to keep it appearing in the newspaper after the two weeks we've paid for, you can contact the newspaper directly.  Contact Adrianne at the Houston Press, 1621 Milan, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77002, (713) 280-2800, or Fax (713) 280-2806.

For 13 weeks during February, March, and April 2004 we have an advertisement on the back page of a weekly Cincinnati, Ohio newspaper, City Beat, that says -

psychiatry hurts people - www.antipsychiatry.org
You can find this ad on-line by going to the newspaper's web site, www.citybeat.com, clicking on the "Classified" and then "BackBeat" (back page) links, and scrolling down the page until you find the ad.  The cost to run this ad 13 times was $195.  If you'd like to keep it appearing in the newspaper after the 13 weeks we've paid for, you can contact the newspaper directly.  Contact Kurt in the newspaper's advertising department: City Beat, 811 Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, or call him at (513) 665-4700 or Fax (513) 665-4368.

We have advertised on WYKR, 101.3 FM, a radio station specializing in country & Western music that broadcasts in northeastern Vermont and northwestern New Hampshire.  These ads were aired in June and July, 2002.  The following three ads ran in rotation:

(Ad #1 - unjustified involuntary commitment)
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Ten years ago a U.S. Congressional study found thousands of Americans have been committed involuntarily to psychiatric hospitals for treatment they did not need.  The problem continues today.  Help us restore the promise of America - and stop unjustified commitment to America's mental hospitals.  Visit our web site at www.antipsychiatry.org or antipsychiatry.com.  Paid for by the Antipsychiatry Coalition.

(Ad #2 - right to trial by jury)
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The right to jury trial in involuntary commitment to a mental hospital is recognized in 19 states, and the supreme courts of five states have found it is a constitutional right.  Yet it is not recognized in Vermont - or New Hampshire.  Help us establish due process in civil commitment.  Visit our web site at www.antipsychiatry.org - or antipsychiatry.com.  Paid for by the Antipsychiatry Coalition.

(Ad #3 - drugs, forced ECT, & psychosurgery)
Did you know many commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs cause permanent brain damage?  Or that New Hampshire courts often order people to take these harmful drugs?  Did you know electroconvulsive therapy is still being given to people against their will?  Or that a new version of lobotomy is still being done?  Learn more at our web site - www.antipsychiatry.org - or antipsychiatry.com.  Paid for by the Antipsychiatry Coalition.

Radio advertising isn't always as expensive as you might think: Our cost for the 18 ads (appearing above, running in rotation) was a nonprofit organization rate of only $99 - which is $5.50 each.  That included the cost of producing the ad with its musical background, which was done for us by the radio station.  Of course, on radio stations with a larger listenership, advertising is much more expensive.  Advertisement number (1) above is appropriate to run anywhere in the USA.  If you live in the USA, consider running it on your local radio station!  Listen for the call sign or name of radio stations you listen to, and then look under "Broadcasting" or "Radio stations" in the yellow pages or your local telephone directory, or at an on-line telephone directory such as www.switchboard.com, and call and ask to speak with whoever handles advertising at that radio station, and ask what it would cost to run the ad.  It may be possible for the radio station to copy the ad directly from this web page.

We have previously advertised in USAToday (classified section under "INTERNET" on September 22, 2000 & October 4, 2000), Psychology Today magazine (February 1998, page 86), American Health magazine (July/August 1999, page 100), The New York Times (October 27, 1998, page D-9), the Concord Monitor (May 30, 1999, page F6, and in Section A of the March 29, 30, 31 and April 1 & 3, 2000 issues), The Hill (April 21, 1999, page 41 and in several issues in early 2000), in all recent issues of Mindfreedom Jounal (formerly named Dendron), and on WABY-AM radio in Albany, New York (August 1999 - opposing Kendra's Law - see Legislative News).  Some of these ads appear below.

These ads cost $30 each when we ran them in The Hill, a weekly Washington, D.C., newspaper, in 1999 and 2000.  In June 2002 the cost is $32.  The Hill is read mostly by people on Capitol Hill such as members of Congress and their staff members.  Antipsychiatry Coalition activist Lloyd Tippett reports he has also run these ads in The Washington Times, published in Washington, North Carolina.  Congress is now (mid-2002) considering mental health parity bills (to require health insurance companies and HMOs to provide equal coverage for psychiatry), so it is particularly important for us to reach members of Congress and let them know how unscientific and harmful psychiatry is.  To run these ads again in The Hill, send a check or money order for $32 for each time you want to run the ad to: The Hill Classified Advertising, 733 15th Street NW, Suite 1140, Washington, D.C. 20005 - telephone (202) 628-8565 or FAX (202) 628-8514.  Our ads in The Hill have resulted in a significant increase in the number of people reading articles on this website.

This half-column inch display ad appeared on page 100 in the classified advertising section of the July/August 1999 American Health magazine.  The cost was $376.13.  Probably because it was placed poorly (between two larger display ads in the classified section near the bottom of the page) it resulted in no noticable increase in hits on the Main Page of this web site.  However, if you want to try running this ad for us again, contact Christine Bak at American Health magazine classified advertising, McNeill Group, 301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 804, Yardley, Pennsylvania  19067 - telephone (800) 394-5157, ext. 31.  With better placement, e.g., between classified ads rather than between other display ads, and near the top of the page where it is more likely to be noticed by readers flipping through the magazine, it might be noticed by many readers in this widely distributed and widely read magazine.

Here's a bargain for you: The cost of running this one-column inch display ad in the Concord, New Hampshire Monitor in March 2000 was only $12.19 per day ($13.32 on Sundays).  This ad appeared in the May 30, 1999 issue and did seem to increase the number of people viewing this web site.  Concord is the New Hamsphire state capitol.  Probably most of the State's legislators read this newspaper occasionally.  New Hampshire (1) imprisons (involuntary "hospitalizes") law-abiding people for an ill-defined nonexistent disease called "mental illness," (2) has an outpatient commitment law to force people to take harmful psychiatric drugs while living outside hospitals, (3) has a mental-health parity law requiring health-insurance companies and HMOs to pay for psychiatric "therapy" on the same basis they pay for bona-fide health care, and (4) has no right to jury trial in involuntary civil commitment to mental "hospitals."  To run this ad again, contact: The Concord Monitor, Display Advertising Department, P.O. box 1177, Concord, N.H.  03302-1177 - telephone (603) 224-7777.  Be sure to mention that the ad you want to run is ad number 471103 and that it appeared on May 30, 1999 on page F6.

Here's another one column inch ad you can copy (and perhaps enlarge) and use where ever you think best.  It appeared in Section A of the March 29, 30, 31 and April 1 & 3, 2000 issues of the Concord Monitor:

This one-eight of a page advertisement appeared in The Paper, which calls itself North Carolina's Arts & Entertainment Newspaper, in July and August 2000.  It is distributed in several cities in northwestern North Carolina:

Consider copying any of these ads from this web page and running it in your local newspaper.  A newspaper in the state capitol during a legislative session is an especially good time and place to run one of these ads, since members of the state legislature are likely to see it.

To copy an advertisement from this website: Place your cursor on the advertisement you want to copy - right here on this page.  Then hit (press and release) the right mouse button.  Move the cursor to "Save Picture As..." (in Internet Explorer) or "Save Image As..." (in Netscape).  Then hit (press and release) the left mouse button.  Select the folder where you want to put the file by clicking (with the left mouse button) on the downward pointing triangle to the right of "Save in:" and moving the cursor to and clicking on (with the left mouse button) where you want to save the file (e.g., "3½ Floppy drive (A:)" or "_vol_id (C:)" and then "My documents"), and click on the OPEN and then the SAVE button (with the left mouse button).

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