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How to Contact
the Antipsychiatry Coalition

      The Antipsychiatry Coalition is a group of volunteers who are trying to stop the harm being done by psychiatry and to stop the violation of human rights now being done in the name of mental health.  We don't offer professional services and may or may not be able to give you referrals to professional people such as lawyers and psychiatrists who support human rights who will help you escape psychiatric oppression such as involuntary "hospitalization" or involuntarily administered psychiatric drugs.  However, most of us, as individuals, will do what we can.
      If you want to know who to contact about starting a consciousness- raising discussion group or who might help you form a group of people to carry signs in protest of some pro-psychiatry activity - or a letter writing campaign to oppose pro-psychiatry legislation in the state or country where you live - the below named individuals may be a place to start.  They have expressed willingness to have their names and addresses appear here.
      The persons named below have been or are being supplied with copies of most of the articles appearing on this web site in pamphlet form (in English only). You can print or download all of the articles on this web site free on-line directly from this web site by clicking on the on-screen "Print" button or, to download as a file, click on the "File" menu, then choose "Save As."  However, you may find these articles are more convenient to give or mail to those who you think need to read them when they are in their original pamphlet form, i.e., on a single folded 8½ by 11 or 14 inch sheet.  In some cases, they can be downloaded in pamphlet form directly from this web site: Look for a "download as pamphlet" link at the end of article you are interested in.  We will send you these articles in pamphlet form if you send a self-addressed envelope (at least 9 inches or 23cm long) with adequate postage affixed and a contribution of one US dollar or more (or equivalant in your country's currency) to defray printing costs.  Postage: Three pamphlets require 1 ounce postage (e.g., within USA: a $1 contribution and 37¢ postage gets you 3 pamphlets; a $1 contribution and 55¢ postage gets you 6 pamphlets.)  If you have to make your request to an Antipsychiatry Coalition volunteer in another country and don't have the appropriate type of postage stamps, instead send send a contribution of at least one US dollar in your country's currency and an appropriate amount of money to cover the cost of international postage - e.g., for one ounce (three pamphlets): 60¢ from USA to Mexico or Canada; 80¢ (80¢ per ounce) from USA to other countries.  Larger contributions will help us print more pamphlets and place more advertisements for this web site, making more people aware of the terrible truths about psychiatry. 

Kali S.
South Australia
email: kali83@mailpuppy.com

Lydia Young
PO box 9042
Wyoming, New South Wales
Australia 2250
telephone: 0243296221
e-mail: lyoung@terrigal.net.au

Mollie Von
c/o 63 Holton Avenue South
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8M2L4
e-mail: sasha@worldchat.com

Jaswinder Singh Ahluwalia
e-mail: jassiwaliauk@yahoo.co.uk

Fr. Geo. Kappalumakal
Georgian centre, Chethimattam
Palai, -686575
Kerala, S.
e-mail: georgian@md3.vsnl.net.in
website: www.psy-relitherapy.com
Telephone: 91-482-213057, 216350

Asta Ghee, B.A., M.A. Psych.
Co. Offaly,
Tel: 00 353 506 41252
e-mail: asta@iol.ie

César Tort
México, DF
e-mail: cesartort@usa.net

New Zealand
Grace Simpson
19 Walter St.
New Zealand
e-mail: missie@ihug.co.nz

The Netherlands
Association for Medical and Therapeutic Self-Determination (MeTZelf)
M. de Vries, chairman
P.O. Box 761
1180 AT Amstelveen
the Netherlands
phone: +31-20-6404690
fax +31-847-121000
website: www.metzelf.nl

Dale Alexander
e-mail: abcde@edcba.ndo.co.uk

Tamasin Knight
e-mail: tamasin.knight@virgin.net

Mike Lawson
e-mail: mischa@dircon.co.uk
Mike Lawson's website (http://www.mischa.dircon.co.uk/story.html)

Chris Sweeney
37 Hall Street
e-mail: blairhouse@freeuk.com

Carrie L. Drake
c/o Mind Matters Review/The Light Seeker Circle
2040 Polk St. - Box 234
San Francisco, CA 94109
e-mail: openedbook@earthlink.net

Cal Grandy
P.O. Box 1253
Topeka, Kansas  66601-1253
e-mail: unzap@usa.net
website: www.stopshrinks.org

A. Lloyd Tippett
P.O. Box 456
Washington, N.C. 27889-0456
(252) 946-1396
e-mail: motalt@inetww.com

Relatives & Allies of Psychiatric Survivors
(Branch of Support Coalition International)
e-mail: psychiatrykills@icqmail.com
or lindaraps97@yahoo.com
Leave Message: (978) 582-9056
Linda Valentine
176 Houghtons Mill Road
Lunenburg, MA 01462-1566
(508) 978-9056
website: http://lindval.tripod.com/neurolepticsdamagehumanbrains/

Letters concerning this web site should be sent to the webmaster, Douglas A. Smith, at antipsychiatrycoalition@usa.net

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