Printing Instructions

You can print the articles on this web site by simply clicking on the "Print" icon on your web browser.  If there is a "DOWNLOAD AS PAMPHLET" option for the article you want, you can also print the article in a more convenient pamphlet form from a file you can download from this web site.  To print the article as a pamphlet, follow the instructions below:

Click on "DOWNLOAD AS PAMPHLET" link at the end of the article (if there is one).  Select "Save this file to disk," then "OK."  Select where you want to put the file (e.g., a disk in your 3½ floppy drive (A:), or if you want the file on your hard drive, click on "Save in" box and select "_vol_id (C:)" followed by a double click on folder where you want the file, for example, "My documents.")  Then click on "Open" and/or "Save."  Then open this file (e.g., exist.pht, ect.wpd, or stigma9.pht) in WordPerfect (click on "File" followed by "Open" and click on the filename, e.g., "stigma9.pht," and then "Open.")

If you are using Corel WordPerfect version 9 with a duplexing printer:
Before printing the pamphlet, you must select the "File" drop-down menu, then "Print"; click on "Two-sided printing" tab (near top of box); under "Binding" select "Right"; and then click on "Print."  If you do not, one side will print upside down.

If you are using Corel WordPerfect version 8 with a duplexing printer:
Before printing the pamphlet, you must select the "File" drop-down menu, then "Print," then "Two sided printing" tab (near top of box), then "Flip on short edge" and "Print."  If you do not, one side will print upside down.

If you are not using a duplexing printer (i.e., one that prints on both sides of the paper), you will have to print one side of the 8½ by 14 inch paper and then put it in the input paper tray, correctly oriented, and then print on the other side of the paper.

If pamphlet does not fill 8 columns on the two sides of the 8½ by 14 inch paper pictured on your screen (no more or less), e.g., if you are using WordPerfect 8 or an earlier version of WordPerfect for Windows 95/98, select "Format" drop-down menu, then "Make It Fit," and select "Desired number of pages" to 8 (click on up or down arrows); make sure a check mark appears in all the boxes for the various types of adjustments (margin size, line spacing, font size, etc.); then click on "Make it fit" button.  If prompted for hyphenation decisions, choose "ignore word" or hyphenate as appropriate or hit the "x" in the upper right corner of box to cancel hyphenation.  If you are using WordPerfect for DOS, you must make these adjustments manually (which is possible but tedious).

Justification for last line of first page (bottom of page below title) may need to be adjusted manually (if you want a professional looking pamphlet).

To enable duplexing (double sided printing) with Windows 95:
Click on the "My Computer" icon, then "Printers," select your (duplexing) printer from those you have installed, select "File" drop-down menu, "Properties," "Paper," "More Options" (button at bottom), "Printing on both sides (duplex printing) - flip on long edge," and click on "OK."

Folding instructions:
Fold in half twice (double parallel fold) with title on outside for both folds.

Most Kinko's Copies shops in the USA and Canada have the needed hardware and software, often including a duplexing printer - and a folding machine if you are making a large number of copies - and personnel who will guide you through the process of downloading and printing this pamphlets from this web site.  Employees of Kinko's shops will require you to put your name and signature in a log book and sometimes insist you show a photo ID before they will let you use the shop's computers.  Additionally, a video camera will be recording you while you are in the shop.  So if you want anonymity, you may need to look elsewhere, such as a public library that has computers connected to the Internet where the same services may be available at much less cost or no cost, but usually without a technically knowledgeable person to help you.

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